Original Work

This folder contains the proposal for the work as a whole, the original work itself, an article I used for research, an assessment based off of the article, and a conclusion of my work.

I would also like to especially thank Mr. Justin Snowden from Ameriprise for the interview we had in which he was able to give me an overall explanation of a portfolio. This guidance led me in the right direction for the entire project and I am extremely thankful. Some of my post-completion thoughts can be found in my speech linked in the speech and program tab. In general I realize that this project did not end up fulfilling the goal of creating a portfolio lacking a lot of volatility, however, this problem is improved upon in my final product due to better research tools and a better understanding of how portfolio creation works.

Final Product

This folder contains just about all of the tangible work that was put into my final product as well as the final product itself. Many of the hours that were put into this product originated from research done on morningstar.com. This product was able to really show me how to improve based off of earlier works and truly do research like an investor.