About Me

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My name is Andrew Mok and I am currently 16 years old. I am a student who is focused heavily on academics and success. I am an ISM student who is doing in-depth study on investing. In school, I have taken a business information management course as well as many advanced courses.  I am taking advanced physics, advanced US history, pre advanced pre calculus, and pre advanced computer science. Outside of school, I spend my time cooking and playing strategy games. Outside of quarantine, I am a volunteer at Operation Kindness no kill animal shelter where I get to spend time with animals who don't get the same love that our pets do. This year I hope to figure out the path for my future and take another step in the path towards success.

Mission Statement

My mission in ISM is to utilize the hands-on ability to fully grasp and understand the stock market and how professionals trade, analyze, and recommend stocks. I will push through my personal struggles to figure out my career path and stay motivated to improve in all professional matters. I hope that throughout the year I will develop as a student and professional, and that I will be able to leave with an advanced understanding of investing.